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The 2022 Digital Employee Experience Trend Report


*Did you know that despite the known benefits, 63% of organizations reported offering no individual personalization to their digital EX whatsoever.

In the past 12 months, employee needs have substantially changed. 

In our second edition of the Digital Employee Experience Audit, we captured insights from nearly 200 HR leaders across different industries to understand how they have tailored digital experiences for their employees in 2021, as well as their plans for 2022.

Using the insights gathered, we have launched The 2022 Digital Employee Experience Trends Report.

This report includes:

  • Commentary on the growing demand for mobile-first HR services 
  • An analysis of the rise of hyper-personalized employee experiences 
  • The impact of hybrid, remote, and anywhere working on both businesses and employees
  • Predicted investments into agile HR technology

*Results captured from Applaud's digital employee experience audit

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