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    Disparate knowledge, united.

    Amalgamate diverse, imperfect knowledge sources with ease and let advanced AI craft a unified, personalized knowledge hub for every employee.

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    Next-gen search.

    Propel your search experience, empowering employees to effortlessly find content and answers through our intelligent search with generative AI-powered instance answers.

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    Plug knowledge gaps fast

    Revitalize your HR content with our smart authoring system, offering targeted suggestions, version control, tailored content, auto-translation, and streamlined approvals for up-to-date, engaging information access.

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    Data-driven insights for HR

    Leverage AI for insights into search trends, knowledge feedback and user sentiment, refining content and suggestions to boost tier zero support efficiency and enhance the overall employee experience.

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    Any format, any place

    Connect knowledge from Sharepoint, ServiceNow and other sources and let Applaud AI figure it all out.

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    Quantifying today's people experience pain

    Disjointed people experience

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    $11.40 ee/day1

    Hard to find and too many clicks

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    $32 ee/day2


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    $2.24 ee/day4

    Low first-year

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    80% of new hires quit2
    1. Using an average US company with revenue per employee of $230k, a 5% reduction in EX = a 1.81 reduction in sales. Source: IBM Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience.
    2. Employees lose 4 hours a week in lost productivity using an average cost to employer of $56 per employee per hour. Source: Forrester TEI Impact.
    3. Source: Yahoo News - 80% of hires receive poor onboarding
    4. HR lose 20 hours per week using an average cost to employer of $56 per employee per hour and 1.4 HR people for every 200 employees.

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    Employee Experience Platforms Take Off: Enter Applaud


    Author: Josh Bersin, HR Tech Analyst

    Employee experience has become a very important but complex challenge for HR leaders over the past two years. Adding to this, most HR tools are rarely designed with your workforce in mind. Enter the employee experience platform (EXP) market.

    Download Josh Bersin’s latest report to find out:

    • More about the EXP market and where it’s heading
    • What to look for in an employee experience platform like Applaud
    • How companies like Experian are using Applaud to transform their employee experience