How to personalize the digital employee experience

Hosted by Applaud Co-Founders

Ivan Harding | Applaud Co-Founder and CEO Duncan Casemore | Applaud Co-Founder and CTO

With over 30 years’ combined experience in the HR tech industry, Ivan and Duncan have seen how digital employee experience has evolved and how personalization is playing an increasing role in shaping this experience.

DateFeb 24 2021
Time9am (EST) / 2pm (GMT)

With many employees currently spread across different locations, less connected to their companies, and less embedded in the culture, personalized digital touchpoints and experiences through company technology have become more important than ever. 

Personalization has long been a hot topic in HR technology, and the changes imposed upon workforces in 2020 have pushed it high up the agenda. HR departments are perfectly positioned to tap into the depth of knowledge they have about their workforce to create hyper-personalized employee experiences within their work tech ecosystems. In this webinar, we're going to demonstrate how smart use of HR technology can deliver this personalization and can provide a much-needed sense of connection between employees and organizations.

Topics covered:

  • Why personalization is more important today than ever before
  • How employee expectations for personalized digital experiences have changed
  • Ways to be both agile and personal at scale
  • Examples of how Applaud have tackled personalization in the Applaud platform


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Why is personalization so important?


Less than 10% of organizations offer hyperpersonalized digital employee experiences 



Is the cost associated with disengaged employees in the UK each year


of employees said they wanted to input into their technical set-up, but 43% of companies still don't offer this

Employees experience hyper-personalization in their personal lives constantly; whenever they login to social media or go shopping on Amazon. The experience you deliver at work has to compete in order to keep your employees engaged.