Virtual onboarding phone and tablet

The ultimate virtual onboarding experience

Taking your new joiners on a first-class onboarding journey

Make onboarding a meaningful experience for remote employees.

Today's onboarding is built for face-to-face interactions and crumbles disastrously in the virtual world. Office life has changed forever and so onboarding must reinvent itself as virtual-first.

Our guide includes resources and templates to help you deliver a frictionless preboarding and onboarding programe, helping you offer a meaningful experience for new recruits.

We’ll walk you through creating an onboarding experience your employees will never forget, from building an onboarding timeline to structuring their first day, first week and beyond. Make the most of our downloadable templates available throughout the guide

This guide includes:

  • 'Get to know you' survey templates
  • Onboarding checklist and feedback survey 
  • New joiner welcome email template
  • First day and week agenda template
  • Manager check-in questions

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Some the key insights covered in the report include:



..of new hires leave a job within the first 45 days after a bad onboarding experience



..improvement in retention rate for organizations with a strong onboarding process


..of employees said that a good digital employee experience means being able to input into their technical setup

Setting a high standard from day one

According to research conducted by Glassdoor, organizations with strong onboarding processes see an improvement in their employee retention by as much as 82%. Not only does this help to promote a better culture within your organization but also saves time and money on recruitment. In this guide we take a deep dive into how you can use checklists to provide a consistently great experience for your new starters.

Download our full guide to discover how your organisation can boost employee satisfaction from their very first day and remove barriers for new starters to become part of team quicker.



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