Is a cloud-based HR system right for your business?

You’ve almost certainly heard of cloud HR systems and could likely be using one or more of them already. But what makes cloud-based systems different from any other HR system and, if you haven’t already, should you be rushing out to invest in one for your business? We’ve spoken before about how cloud systems aren’t the money saving option they were once touted as, but does this necessarily mean that a cloud solution isn’t right for you? Let’s take a deeper look.

What is a cloud HR platform?

On the surface the basic functionality compared to any other system is very similar. Some providers will claim that cloud systems are faster, more convenient, more agile and more secure; but in truth these are just buzz words we’ve all come to expect from any software provider. These terms do not provide a clear definition of what a cloud-based system is.

What actually makes cloud HR systems different is that they are hosted on offsite servers that are provided by the system supplier, as part of the service. These HR systems then are an end to end solution for all of your core HR system needs. They offer a simpler way of hosting your core HR systems as well as promising various improvements around efficiency and cost savings.


Should you invest in a cloud-based HR platform?

The chances are that you’re considering a Cloud system because you’ve heard about better functionality, improved usability, enhanced reporting and no more upgrades. All of this is true, to an extent, but in reality, a single system will naturally have strong points and weak areas.

For example, take HR Service Delivery, Applaud’s speciality; don’t expect your new cloud system to provide employee self-service, A.I. driven virtual assistants and truly mobile-first design and functionality. To deploy first-class employee and manager services, you need specialist HR service delivery software, which isn’t something you’ll get from your core HRIS.

If you currently have a suite of HR systems that don’t integrate nicely with each other, but individually are providing the functionality your business requires, Applaud can unify these systems in one user-friendly platform. There’s no need to rip out your existing system and invest in an expensive equivalent that will just move the problem to a different area of the business.

Equally, if you’re already invested in a global cloud system, but want to add best-in-class Service Delivery functionality to your core HRIS, Applaud can integrate seamlessly with your systems.

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Customization and Personalization

Enterprises are used to a culture of customisation, especially when it comes to HR technology.  But of course, you can’t customise cloud software, which means you need to fundamentally adapt your processes to fit the system not the other way around.

Whilst the system will have a unified look, feel and logic to it, it won’t have the same customization and personalization options you will find with Applaud. By using Applaud’s platform you can not only brand the user interface but also personalize it to suit your organization’s culture, size and structure.

“Living in the cloud” means no more patching and expensive upgrades. To a degree. But you have much less control around when you receive updates and they will, quite quickly in most cases, be forced upon you. This means you’ll need to be prepared for “perpetual beta”, constant change management and evolution. That one-off upgrade effort of yesteryear doesn’t disappear, it just becomes part of daily life in the cloud.


Universal Access in the cloud

Another feature that makes cloud systems so appealing is their access-anywhere design. Put simply a cloud system will let you and your employees access all aspects of your HRIS from anywhere on the planet.

At Applaud we’ve taken this a step further by implementing a seamless experience between devices. So, whether you’re working remotely, from home or from your desk, you can access everything you’ll need straight from a cell phone, tablet or desktop. This enhanced employee experience is at the core of everything we do, creating intuitive systems with consumer-grade technology that you can access in the palm of your hand.

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Should you be changing your HRIS?

Ultimately your choice of HRIS, whether it be cloud based or not is important. Whilst Applaud can integrate with just about any HR system including SAP, Workday and Oracle, we recommend that your core HR systems are rock-solid before we start to add our layer of HR Service Delivery to the mix.

A platform that gives you a greater level of configurability blended with your HR systems’ best-practice functionality will deliver an unbeatable experience. Applaud will improve the user interface, employee experience and bring new features to your systems, but it can’t replace missing core HR functionality or fix a broken HR system. Contact us to talk to our experts to get more advice on which system you should be investing in and how it integrates with Applaud.

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