Modernizing your Oracle HCM System: What are your options?

Modernizing your Oracle HCM System: What are your options?

Being fully informed is important when making big decisions involving considerable investments for your HCM systems

A one-size-fits-all thinking is not going to cut it. With Oracle’s commitment to support Oracle EBS through to 2030, Gartner say that you should look carefully at your options.

One thing is for sure: regardless of when you purchased Oracle E-Business Suite, it will have been a significant investment, involving considerable amounts of time, money and expertise. With these sunk costs in mind, it’s important your decision is carefully considered and a direct result of your business’s unique needs and pain points. This isn’t the time for rushing, after all, any new system or solution will be costly and time-intensive to implement and should be capable of serving your organization’s diverse needs.

When considering cost, our previous blog touched on research that tells us that contrary to popular beliefs, Cloud may not be the most economical answer for those planning to upgrade their systems. Most people assume their alternative choices are limited, that you need to keep your existing system and commit to it wholeheartedly, or undergo a drastic rip and replace… But not always.

Cost is an obvious worry when looking to upgrade HR systems, but UX should also moving up on decision-makers priorities. Ensuring that your systems will fulfil needs of not only managers, but will also increase user adoption across all departments, improve ROI and reinforce benefits; the impact that UX can have across the wider business is an extremely valuable one.

We understand the complexities of modernizing your systems, and our new eBook can guide you through your decision-making process. Whatever the reason behind your concerns, let Applaud help. 

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