Workflows and approvals

Workflows and approvals

Build powerful forms, workflows and approvals that automate processes across departments and systems.

Digitalize paper-based forms with Applaud form builder

Digitalize paper-based forms with Applaud form builder

Replace paper-based processes with digital forms that are simple and easy to use.

  • 26 types of fields, from text input, to auto-complete to rating fields
  • Forms auto-generated from models, for lightning-fast creation
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Create rich form interactions based on conditions for progressive disclosure, defaulting values, hiding/showing fields, changing labels, etc.

Workflow approvals and tasks

Trigger workflows for form submissions or other events. Build complex multi-level approval using Applaud's intuitive workflow builder.

  • Effortlessly create multi-level approvals with complex logic and branching
  • Configure notifications and their content for push and email
  • Create and assign tasks to digitalize offline activity and streamline processes
Workflow approvals and tasks


A workflow system for automation

Applaud's workflow system contains much more than just approvals: automate processes across teams and systems to break down silos and improve efficiency.

  • Automate data feeds to downstream systems of record
  • Create notifications and assign tasks to digitalize offline work
  • Create if/then branches, add in delays, or conditionally trigger other workflows
  • Assign or revoke roles for dynamic self-governing access control

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The leading workforce experience layer

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Fast return on investment

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Highest level of security

Applaud takes data security seriously and invests in protecting your data. Applaud has multiple ISo certifications and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

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4.7 app store rating

Over a million employees use Applaud, with an app store rating that matches the very best consumer apps available.

“Applaud’s cutting edge mobile and desktop experience is a refreshing change that encourages our associates to engage with their own data”
Rober Reiling, ASM

Robert Reiling
National Director EBS Systems and BI
Advantage Solutions

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