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07.06.2022 | Applaud Press Release

Businesses need to do more to reduce employee burnout

Hybrid-working patterns have quickly become the norm for employees across the globe. With many happy to say a permanent goodbye to a daily commute and set-up permanent residence in their home offices.

But with the lines between personal and professional lives becoming increasingly blurred, burnout is on the rise.....Read more

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09.05.2022 |

Applaud helps businesses better tackle hybrid working with new features

Applaud today launches a series of new product features to further enhance Applaud’s commitment to building first-class consumer-grade workplace experiences.

Named after the world-famous Adelphi Theatre in London, the launch is in response to the ongoing challenges businesses are having....Read more

28.04.2022 |

HR services failing to make software mobile-friendly

HR departments are working to make their services mobile-friendly to keep up with employee demand.
Research from digital HR company Applaud found just 28% of companies had HR services that were mobile accessible, while 56% said that the mobile switch was part of their road map for the next 12 months...
Read more

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25.04.2022 |

Nearly three-quarters of UK businesses risk losing young talent

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of UK businesses are not providing sufficient workforce experiences for young workers, as a result of poor workplace tech and employee experience strategies, according to new research from Applaud, the leading workforce experience layer...Read more

03.02.2022 |

Employees Missing out on Hyper-Personalized Digital Experiences: Applaud Report

Most organizations are failing to provide their employees with hyper-personalized digital experiences.

This is resulting in them not being able to keep a hold on their employees and attracting the top professionals in the market....Read more

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02.02.2022 |

Missing out on the hyper-personalised Digital Employee Experience?

Less than a third (29%) of technology firms offer hyper-personalised digital employee experiences, and the average across other industries combined is less than 10%.

The findings come from the second edition of “The Digital Employee Experience Trends Report 2022”...Read more

26.01.2022 |

The Future of Consumer Tech in Business

As consumer and business technologies continue to merge, and as businesses transform into post-pandemic enterprises, how will consumer technology develop, and what does this mean for your company?

Research from Applaud indicates that DEX (Digital Employee Experience) is increasingly using hyper-personalisation to intentionally design a better DEX, helping them keep hold of their employees and attract the best talent....Read more

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18.01.2022 |

Workers at less than a third (29%) of tech firms miss out on hyper-personalised digital employee experiences, reveals Applaud

Applaud, the leading workforce experience layer, today reveals that less than a third (29%) of technology firms offer hyper-personalised digital employee experiences, and the average across other industries combined is less than 10%...Read more

17.01.2022 |

90% of companies don’t personalize employee experience

Employee experience is an incredibly hot topic. As millions leave the workplace, many companies have invested heavily in engaging and ensuring positive experiences for staff.

However, not all investments have been fruitful, and workforce experience platform Applaud has found that a shocking number of industries.....Read more

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