Unleashing a more empowered workforce with employee and manager self-service

The employee and manager self-service feature has been a valuable solution in the HR world for some time. And though modern, forward-thinking organizations have always recognized their importance, they’ve not always had the resources in place to be able to deliver seamless self-service experiences.

But things are changing.

As a new wave of technology gives rise to a new breed of HR professional, one dedicated to understanding and empowering their employees through technology, there’s been a transformative shift towards creating more consumer-grade employee experiences in the workplace.

Disjointed, complex self-service tools are giving way to more streamlined, empowering and productive systems, liberating employees to serve themselves, their careers, and their organizations with ease. And with these systems, the benefits of employee self-service are shining through.

So, what are those benefits?

Boosting productivity (and saving time)

With anytime, anywhere access to mobile payslips, timesheets and more, an excellent self-service portal enables your employees to keep track and take control of their personal data in a much more flexible, time-effective way. No back-and-forth between departments, and no searching for lost email trails. Then there are the benefits of manager self-service

HR managers spend about 14 hours each week on tasks that could probably be automated.

Source: https://venngage.com/blog/hr-trends/

The increase in employee productivity gives HR managers more time to focus on value-added activities that can help their employees in other ways – whether that’s developing employee wellbeing programs, cultivating company culture, or focusing on staff retention and recruitment.

Empowering your employees

Over 70% of “high-retention-risk” employees want to leave because they see no future advancement

Source: https://medium.com/@checkli/why-employees-quit-20-stats-employers-need-to-know-b921c253f767=

More often than not, disengagement and churn happen when an employee doesn’t see a clear progression path, either because they’re not communicating with their manager, or they have no clear and consistent view of their development. With simple, user-friendly and instant access to self-service tools that include development dashboards, employees can feel empowered, with visible control over their career and how to progress. Which, of course, makes them much more likely to want to stay.

Streamlined experiences, all in one place

“The average organization spends $120 searching for each lost paper document, and $220 to recreate it”

Source: https://blog.frevvo.com/25-hr-automation-stats/

Today’s employees expect the same technological experiences in work as they do at home – just think of the search engines and social media sites we use daily. A truly consumer-grade self-service platform that unites all the necessary HR information, updates, reviews and more, saves employees and managers the frustration of searching for lost or misplaced items. It also saves something else: cost. No lost documents, no lost billable hours trying to switch between platforms. Just a fast, effective, modern way of working.

To streamline these transitions, we recommend using automated HR solutions that not only identify roles that are open for internal talent but include tools that allow employee information to be accessed across departments for cross-system onboarding.

Unite everything, achieve anything

As the HR revolution builds momentum, and this inspirational new breed of HR professional seizes the day, the key to leading the way is by unifying and simplifying all your systems – including self-service applications.

Applaud’s streamlined, consumer-grade self-service experience is the key to creating simple, personalized and uncompromising HR technology that employees don’t have to use, they want to use.

Discover what the Applaud HR Platform can do for your organization.

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Dec 16, 2019 8:30:00 AM / by Applaud