Forrester report

The future of HR: Employee experience fuelled by
consumer-grade technology


The HR technology landscape is undergoing both significant growth and fragmentation.

And companies are recognizing that subjecting their employees to multiple, unintuitive HR technology systems is hurting their employees’ productivity and satisfaction, ultimately detracting from their bottom line.

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Applaud will help HR leaders understand the current state of the HR technology landscape and its impact on employee experience.


This report includes:

  • An in-depth look at where strategic HR leaders are investing technology budget today to support a future proof employee experience strategy
  • How businesses are adapting to support an ‘anywhere’ working model
  • Which areas of HR are costing businesses the most in terms of resource, finance, and organizational performance
  • How technology can further aid HR leaders position as a strategic partner to the business
  • Why EX is becoming a key differentiator for businesses in the war for talent

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Consumer-grade technology for the world of work

“At home people have their iPhone Xs and then they go to work and they go back 20 years. Applaud closes that gap.”
An Applaud customer.
Employees should enjoy the same standards and experiences from technology inside the world of work, as they expect outside the world of work, as consumers. At Applaud, we create HR technology that your employees can’t live without. The Applaud HR platform connects to the HR systems you already have in place, transforming them, without disruption, into exceptional technology experiences.
With a no-code approach, HR technology experiences beyond your imagination are easier than you expect with Applaud. Applications can be easily built, extended or personalized to your users and your organization, allowing you to adapt to changing employee expectations faster than ever.