Unveiling Applaud's game-changing 2024 product roadmap

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Steve Jackson Duncan Casemore
Head of Product Management  CTO & Co-Founder
Applaud  Applaud


DateThursday, 25 January
Time9.30 am EST/ 2.30 pm GMT

Be the trailblazer in HR innovation!


Join us for an exclusive webinar as we unveil Applaud's 2024 product roadmap, packed with cutting-edge advancements and game-changing capabilities.

Explore the next level of efficiency with our AI-powered features, including our trailblazing AI assistant and hyper personalized content recommendations. With the upcoming features, we're revolutionizing how employees interact with HR platforms. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Discover how our AI Assistant streamlines processes, answers queries, and offers a personalized touch to each user's experience.
  • 2023 feature recap: Missed any of our 2023 releases? We've got you covered with a highlight of the best features you may have missed. 
  • A live Q&A with our product team: A perfect chance to speak to our product team directly.

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