Removing friction and improving employee experience with the power of data 

Volker LP_ Matt Bennett
Volker Matthew Bennett
CEO and Founder Solution Consultant Director
TI People  Applaud


DateNovember 22, 2022
Time1 pm GMT | 2 pm CET

The pandemic has changed workforce dynamics and employees want more than just better pay.


Employees are keen to join organizations that value well-being, support flexibility and offer their in-office and remote workers a frictionless experience regardless of their location. 


Using Experience Intelligence, we’ll examine how you can leverage data to understand your employees’ day-to-day experiences of work and how to set the right priorities to maximize employee productivity, satisfaction and retention. 

In this webinar you'll learn: 

  • What Experience Intelligence is 
  • How to use Experience Intelligence to set priorities in 2023
  • How data will play a critical role in the evolution of EX

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Volker LP_Volker Jacobs, CEO and Founder, TI People 

Volker Jacobs, CEO and founder of EX management companies TI People and FOUNT, is a global thought leader on employee experience. He works with leading companies on Experience Intelligence and the business impact of an improved employee experience on productivity and retention.


Matt Bennett

Matthew Bennett, Solution Consultant Director, Applaud 

Given his background as a Head of HR Operations for LV=, Matthew knows exactly what challenges HR teams currently face. He's constantly seeking new ways to enable HR teams to deliver exceptional employee experiences.