Case Study: AngelOne

Creating a seamless onboarding experience with Applaud's creator platform

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Background to the project

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Fintech • India c7,500 employees

AngelOne, India's largest listed retail stock broker and a global leader in online trading, wanted to offer a best-in-class employee experience.

Recognizing that the right tools and software are essential for achieving this goal, AngelOne partnered with Applaud to ensure that every employee started their journey at the company on the right note, from the start.


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Onboarding templateAngelOne's HR department faced several challenges that hindered their ability to provide a smooth employee experience. The department lacked the necessary digital tools and expertise to stay competitive in the market. The team was understaffed, burdened with  repetitive, transactional tasks, limiting their capacity for strategic initiatives. Furthermore, the existing technology stack, comprised of five separate systems, wasn't scalable for future growth. This fragmented approach led to information silos and made processes confusing, slow, and heavily reliant on manual work.



Driven by the desire to offer their employees a best-in-class experience that could seamlessly adapt and grow alongside their success, AngelOne partnered with Applaud. Applaud's creator platform offered a perfect solution with its intuitive interface, powerful workflow engine, and open architecture that facilitated seamless integration with existing and future HR tools.

The first area of focus was revamping AngelOne's onboarding process.  AngelOne's vision was clear: a system that provided meticulous tracking of HR objectives while fostering a personalized onboarding experience for each new hire. To achieve this, they envisioned creating distinct personas for different employee groups. This would allow them to tailor the onboarding journey to each individual's unique needs and preferences.


Leveraging Applaud's creator platform, ten processes (including background checks, IT asset allocation, E-sign) associated with onboarding were rebuilt and automated using the powerful workflow engine. 


The entire onboarding journey was rethought from the employee's perspective and rebuilt to exist entirely within Applaud. This allows new employees to navigate through the process step-by-step without ever having to leave the platform. This resulted in:

  • 80% reduction in onboarding enquiries
  • 9.1 satisfaction onboarding score
  • 12,000 tasks automated and completed

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“Just as our customers require best-in-class technology, our employees need the right tools and software. As we continue to integrate technology across processes, Applaud is a significant upgrade to our current HR systems and will enable a smooth workplace
experience for our employees”

Subhash Menon, CHRO



About AngelOne

AngelOne, a fintech company offering broking services, margin trading, research, depository services, investment education, and financial product distribution, is on a mission to become India's No. 1 fintech organization/

With over 22.2 million registered clients, AngelOne onboards an impressive 700,000 new clients every month, solidifying their position as a major player in the  fintech space.

The 2024 Digital Employee Experience Trend Report

Download your FREE guide and get the right industry insights to eleve your digital employee experience.

Download your FREE guide and get the right industry insights to eleve your digital employee experience.