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Applaud x Leapgen: Delivering Digital Employee Experience in the Now of Work 

New models of working require new models of delivering digital services and employee experience. But how do you ‘automate to humanate’ when it comes to workforce experience?

At a time when people can work from anywhere on any number of devices, we expect experiences that are mobile, hyper-personalized, intelligent, relevant, and easy. We expect service. Like customer service, but for people at work.

Watch thought-leaders and industry analysts Jason Averbook, Duncan Casemore and Mark McNamara, as they explore new trends in HR and offer real-world insights, and practical starting points to improve and elevate Digital Employee Experience in the Now of Work.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • New trends shaping the HR landscape 
  • The importance of personalization and relevance to every individual across your organization and how this can be accomplished.
  • How to establish a new working model that supports remote, hybrid, and anywhere working
  • How Two Sigma improved employee experience by installing a workforce experience layer 

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Consumer-grade technology for the world of work

“At home people have their iPhone Xs and then they go to work and they go back 20 years. Applaud closes that gap.”
An Applaud customer.
Employees should enjoy the same standards and experiences from technology inside the world of work, as they expect outside the world of work, as consumers. At Applaud, we create HR technology that your employees can’t live without. The Applaud HR platform connects to the HR systems you already have in place, transforming them, without disruption, into exceptional technology experiences.
With a no-code approach, HR technology experiences beyond your imagination are easier than you expect with Applaud. Applications can be easily built, extended or personalized to your users and your organization, allowing you to adapt to changing employee expectations faster than ever.