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This year has been the ultimate stress test on your employee experience. For years HR leaders have put a lot of focus and energy into creating stimulating office environments and a supportive workplace culture. Now, digital employee experience has been thrown into the spotlight as physical experience takes an indefinite back seat.

How has your digital employee experience faired up? Take the below audit to find out and receive a personalised report including:
  1. Tactical recommendations you can implement straight away
  2. Longer-term recommendations you can bring to your next HR strategy meeting
  3. A realistic snapshot of the state of your current digital employee experience, areas you’re excelling at, and points that need development
  4. A data-driven starting point for HR & IT to map out a future plan of action
  5. Assess your positioning compared with industry benchmarks

Also, after you've completed the audit, you can request a free digital employee experience box packed with best practice examples for the perfect digital onboarding, staying connected and supporting virtual managers.