Transitions and moments

Transitions, moments and nudges

From onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, such as that punch-the-air promotion or milestone anniversary.


Mark milestones with memorable experiences

Onboarding, saying farewell, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, becoming a manager, becoming a parent. Whatever the moment, turn head-banging frustrations into compelling and memorable experiences that ultimately boost the bottom line.

  • Best-practice templates for faster time to value

  • Personalized transitions and moments by persona

  • Gloriously simple configuration experience using Applaud workflows that shield complexity and automate across systems and teams

Small everyday nudges that make a big difference

Create everyday nudges that help managers be better managers; such as preparing for an employee's return to work after an extended leave, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or checking in on goal progress.

  • Use event-based triggers to send nudges at exactly the right time

  • Mobile push notifications as standard, for that consumer-grade treatment

  • Personalize nudges by persona for improved relevancy and productivity
Applaud push notifications

Applaud Employee Experience Emotion iPad

Measurable employee experience

The best experiences are never accidental. Design, measure, and continually improve every aspect of the employee experience, and watch your ratings climb.

  • Measure employee experience with Applaud's workforce experience dashboards

  • Visualize by employee event and filter by persona, so you can see exactly what Millenials think on day 6 of onboarding

  • Compare experience ratings over time, so you can see precisely the impact your programs have


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Across a wide variety of sectors, from retail and hospitality to charity, investment and government, there’s one thing that unites these companies: the belief that their employees are everything.

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workforce experience layer

The leading workforce experience layer

Applaud has been helping the most ambitious fortune 100 companies simplify their digital HR for over 10 years.

fast return on investment

Fast return on investment

ROI within 12-20 months, including risk adjustments. Savings are based on employee productivity and HR time saved.

Highest levels of Seciurity

Highest level of security

Applaud takes data security seriously and invests in protecting your data. Applaud has multiple ISo certifications and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

4.7 app store rating

4.7 app store rating

Over a million employees use Applaud, with an app store rating that matches the very best consumer apps available.

“Applaud’s cutting edge mobile and desktop experience is a refreshing change that encourages our associates to engage with their own data”
Rober Reiling, ASM

Robert Reiling
National Director EBS Systems and BI
Advantage Solutions

The ultimate virtual onboarding experience

Our virtual onboarding guide includes resources and templates to help you deliver a frictionless preboarding and onboarding programe, helping you offer a meaningful experience for new recruits.

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