Redefining employee experience with Chalhoub Group and Applaud

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Parita Labbe Duncan Casemore
Head of Digital HR  CTO & Co-Founder
Chalhoub Group  Applaud


DateNovember 1 2022
Time11 am GMT | 3 pm GST

What distinguishes a top-performing organization from others is investing in the employee experience as a way to retain talent, make employees happy and give them the tools to be the best at what they do.


But how do you prioritize employee experience when there are so many other important business objectives? 


In this live Q&A session, you will hear from Parita Labbe, Head of Digital HR at Chalhoub Group, as she shares real-world insights into how they have pioneered the development of a new employee experience strategy. She’ll also explain how you can use it to place employee experience at the top of the business agenda.


Hosted by Duncan Casemore, Co-Founder & CTO, they will discuss:

  • How and why you should make employee experience a business priority
  • How to map out your employee experience strategy
  • How Chalhoub Group is using Applaud to create a world-class employee experience platform for their workforce

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