The Future of HR &

Employee Experience

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Hosted by 

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Chris de Waal, Director: People & Organisation, PwC

Elmo Hildebrand, Partner, PwC

Rachel James, Marketing Director, Applaud

Duncan Casemore, CTO & Co-Founder, Applaud

Date21 Sept 2021
Time10am (BST)

As HR departments strive to become more strategic they are hindered by today's workplace technology. 

Workplace technology that is unintuitive and hurts employees’ productivity and satisfaction, ultimately detracts from an organization's bottom line.


Traditional ways of working are now a thing of the past, and if elevating your employee experience by introducing consumer-grade technology is not on your radar, you’re behind the competition.


We'll cover key talking points including:

  • The critical importance of digital employee experience
  • Commentary on key report findings and trends
  • What's next for strategic HR leaders

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Why workplace technology is critical to EX

2-4 hours

Employees and managers lose 2-4 hours per week to HR tasks.


89% of organizations report significant inconsistencies between remote and office-based employees.


HR service desks can repurpose up to 50% of their time doing more value-add activity.

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Applaud will help HR leaders understand the current state of the HR technology landscape and its impact on employee experience. Download the report here >