The Digitalization of Traditional HR Systems

The Digitalization of Traditional HR Systems

The HR industry is forever undergoing change.

We’ve officially entered a new world of work, and technological advances are helping HR to become part of the organization of the future.

People are reinventing and equipping themselves with new, constantly evolving digital tools, making it imperative that HR teams not only get on board, but become part of the driving force behind this change.

In order to drive this change, there needs to be a new focus in HR and IT, one that puts the end-users, your employees, at the heart of everything that you do. Rather than simply implementing a new system and set of processes, HR teams have to consider the way that people are working, and the particular digital tools that can make these ways better.

So, why make the digital move?

For the same reason you don’t swim against the current. The digital change is happening now and there are no sound business reasons to battle against it. New digital technologies enable a higher level of integration and flexibility in the workplace. By having access to the tools and information they need, employees are empowered to manage their own working experience and even develop their own careers.

Empowering employees can lead to a more transparent corporate culture with responsibilities that can be managed at an individual level, rather than a business as a whole. What’s the impact of this on the business? A greater level of insight into their employees’ needs and potential, leading to a more engaged and satisfied workforce. In addition, the higher quality of data provided by the implementation of real-time dashboards and analytics can be used to decide future business strategy.

However, due to the rapid pace of digital developments, investing in a digital solution that can keep pace with both new technologies and changing employee requirements can be costly. Embarking on a constant cycle of ripping and replacing your digital system is not a sustainable business strategy, nor one I would recommend given the cost of implementing a new digital system and processes.

The Applaud solution

All the above is the driving force behind Applaud, a business built on addressing the needs of the end user and delivering value to the business.

Rather than incurring the physical, time and associated people costs of introducing a new digital HR management system, one that would need to be replaced or patched as time goes by, introducing a mobile application such as Applaud allows you to give employees a digital service that evolves as technology does. The real-time business benefits of such an application can be seen below.

After experiencing issues relating to the amount of time being taken up by requests for remote access to the following:

  • Personal payroll information
  • Reporting of sick leave
  • Approval of internal processes and requests

Because of this, the client had been forced to create a separate HR IT team to deal solely with these queries, leading to a reduced level of effectiveness. Following the introduction of the Applaud mobile application plugin there was:

  • A straight cost reduction of 60%
  • An increase in the use of the digital system from 20-25% to over 85%

The decision to invest in the Applaud plugin allowed them to avoid the costs of migrating to the Cloud and gain further value from their Oracle investment.

To discover more about Applaud and how our solutions can benefit your workforce, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Published June 27, 2017 / by Applaud