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Three automations that can delight new hires and more tenured employees

Like customers, your employees want (and deserve) to feel appreciated, be heard, and have frictionless experiences throughout their workdays.

If you can deliver on these needs, you’ll be rewarded with happier, more engaged employees who’ll stay on for longer and be more productive. 

The question then becomes: “How can you deliver experiences that meet your employees’ expectations?” 

We’ll share why automation can be your answer by breaking down three specific workflows that benefit your colleagues when automated: case resolution, gift-giving, and PTO approvals. 


1. Streamline case resolution so that employees get their needs met quickly

When an employee has a question or issue that isn’t addressed in your knowledge base, it’s critical that they still get what they’re looking for—otherwise they’re left feeling frustrated and their work can be grinded to a halt.

To address this scenario, you can implement the following automation:

- Any time an employee isn’t able to get what they want from your knowledge base, they can submit a form in Applaud to get help.

- A ticket automatically gets created in your ITSM tool, which includes the responses from their completed form.

Note: This example can complement your existing onboarding automations and help your team provide a best-in-class experience for new hires.


2. Alert employees of key moments so that they can send their colleagues gifts

As employees work at your company over a meaningful stretch of time, they’re likely to experience a multitude of special moments—from getting promoted to hitting a work anniversary. You can help them celebrate any occasion and make it more meaningful by sending them a gift when that moment takes place. 

To ensure that a special moment for an employee doesn’t go unnoticed or get discovered when it’s too late, you can turn to automation. Here’s how the HR automation can work:

- Once a key event gets recorded in Applaud (e.g. a work anniversary), the appropriate manager gets notified within the platform.


- The manager can then—without leaving Applaud—send their colleague a gift with the click of a button via a gift-giving app like Sendoso.


3. Simplify and fast-track PTO approvals

As an employee plans an exciting vacation, the last thing they want is a burdensome, time-extensive process in requesting time off and getting it approved.

You can work to ensure that the process runs smoothly by implementing the following HR automation example:

- Once an employee requests time off via your PTO request form in Applaud, the appropriate stakeholder receives a message with the details of the request (this can be delivered in an email and/or push notification). The message includes the number of days the employee plans to take off and when they plan to take time off.

- The manager can—without leaving Applaud—verify that the employee is eligible to take those days off and then approve the request with the click of a button.

- This automatically gets logged in the HRIS, where the employee’s PTO balance gets updated. Meanwhile, the requestor gets notified of their manager’s response via email and/or push notification.


Want to learn more about these automations? Eager to discover additional ones that can empower and satisfy your employees? You can connect with the team at Applaud to learn about all of your options!



About the Author


Jon Gitlin

Jon Gitlin is a Content Strategist at Workato, the leader in integration-led automation. 

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Published September 9, 2021 / by Jon Gitlin