Facing the challenges of HR service delivery for the Health Care sector

The nature of health care work is complicated; with employees often working irregular shifts at various locations and each with their own specialist discipline. As a result of these challenges, HR departments can find themselves under a significant strain that can have a devastating impact on core areas such as employee retention rates and employee satisfaction.

According to a study by National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, the turnover rate in the health care industry has risen nearly 5% over the last decade.

Health care employees can often find themselves working across multiple departments in a single shift and without the proper HR tools in place to help support them, which can seriously impact on their productivity and wellbeing.

What are the key challenges for HR within the health sector?

Large workforces require more complex solutions for core HR services including calendars and rotas, absence and payroll. However, this leads to a system that has not been designed with employees in mind. Employees can become frustrated; wasting valuable time trying to complete simple HR tasks and ultimately, they will need to reach out to someone in person to get the answers they need.

Here are some of the core issues that HR in health care faces and the correct systems you’ll need to have in place in order to combat those issues and enhance your employees’ experiences.

Employee retention

Losing talented medical staff comes at a high cost. With the average medical student in their training and development stage for four years and 53.3% of health care employees spending less than two years at their facility, there is a dire need to improve employee retention rates in the health care industry.

If an employee is already feeling pressure from having to work unusual hours and with a disrupted sleep schedule, they will have even more difficulty staying motivated having to deal with multiple overly complex HR processes.

In order to combat these employee churn rates, Applaud is an inclusive platform that embraces features such as mobile access and single sign on. These features will not only make it easier for the employee to access the information they need on the go, but they can have personalized employee experiences tailored to their own individual needs and fields of interest. User experience is at the forefront of Applaud’s platform, which is why it has a mobile-first design, making it easy for existing and new staff to navigate wherever they are.

Delivering HR Services to Non-Desk Workers

Health Care workers do not fit into the traditional mould that so many HR systems target; desk-based teams working in fixed locations.

Non-desk workers spend significantly less time at a computer and have far more limited access to emails. As mentioned earlier health workers will often work in multiple departments and can therefore be harder to push internal communications to.

This is where a platform like Applaud brings added value to non-desk workers. Bringing key features like mobile access, SSO and self-service portals your employees will be empowered with access to knowledge bases, internal processes and documentation.

With nurses, doctors and carers all working night shifts, an HR platform that can offer 24/7 help desk functionality is essential. Applaud’s digital assistants give employees access to your core HR services day or night reducing their frustrations of not having access as and when they need it.


The nature of health care work is broad. Because roles in the sector cover a wide range of specialist knowledge such as medicine, surgery, psychiatry, neurology and others, it’s important each individual employee is consuming the right content they need to in order to further their own knowledge and skills.

Employees also need to be able to communicate quickly between departments with time constraints, such as A&E and GP surgeries. These communications are critical in times of high-volume pressure from an influx of patients.

Applaud’s self-service portals are tailored to each employee for this very reason. The personalization allows each member of staff to find and interact with knowledge, content, analytics and tasks that are specific to their role, department, location, etc. The mobile-first design delivers a consumer-grade experience that equips managers with the knowledge and tooling they need on tap and at the point they need them.

How Applaud can boost health care sector employee experience

Applaud’s platform delivers a higher-level of engagement amongst health care employees. As a result, Applaud becomes a key technology enabler to drive productivity and improved employee experience throughout the organization.

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Published March 18, 2020 / by Applaud