Strategic Partnership Focused on Employee Experience Announced

This article was written by LACE Partners to announce our new partnership.

The effect of the last 18 months for HR teams and wider business in terms of people strategy has been clear for everyone to see. During the global pandemic organisations needed to shift their workers from tradition environments to more remote ones and whilst that was easier for some businesses than others, it has resulted in a wide variety of reflection for businesses on how they engage their employees, as well as what their employee experience is.

In our recent piece on the employer value proposition we spoke about what we at LACE Partners define as ‘the deal’ and how employers are reassessing – particularly as normality begins to return –how they provide a clear EVP that delivers satisfaction, retention of employees but also acts as an opportunity for talent attraction (through effective communication of employer brand).

With so many organisations also realising that a remote workforce is impacted by the digital tools they have at their disposal to deliver on their work effectively and efficiently, the rise in importance of delivering an effective digital employee experience has never been so clear. We speak to so many businesses who are intensively assessing how their deliver their employee experience digitally and as a result have been working very closely with Applaud who have developed a system which overlays your existing HR technology to provide a seamless and easy to navigate employee experience. We recently spoke to Applaud about how many businesses are still to effectively embrace digital employee experience in a recent blog we wrote, following a podcast on the HR on the Offensive podcast with the Applaud team.

It is this synergy with the Applaud team that has led us to announce a strategic partnership with Applaud and we are delighted to be announcing it. What that means is that we’ll continue to work with Applaud to champion and promote digital employee experience as the HR market continues to demand it and over the coming months we’ll be producing thought leadership content, talking to specialists across the sector (in conjunction with the Applaud team), to bring the latest thinking in the EX space.

Speaking of the partnership Aaron Alburey our Co-Founder and Managing Director said "At LACE we pride ourselves on leading the way in understanding the latest leading edge HR technology solutions and how they are improving the lives of HR teams now and in the future. Applaud's approach to championing best practice in digital employee experience, as well as some of the exciting research and thought leadership they have planned, means that we were delighted to collaborate with them on some exciting projects in the near future"

Duncan Casemore, Co-Founder and CTO at Applaud commented “In the short-time we've been working with LACE, we've witnessed the breadth of knowledge and experience they bring to each of their projects. For our current and future customers, the value of a LACE/Applaud partnership is in the powerful combination of cutting-edge EX technology and leading HR strategists ensuring a future-proof digital employee experience. As an organisation LACE Partners places great value on our approach to being a boutique specialist agnostic HR tech advisory business, which is why this partnership will be driven from developing tools produced to help HR teams evolve their EX strategies so that they are fit for purpose as we migrate to this new way of work we are all experiencing. That will include white papers, webinars, networking events and the latest thinking across both our blogs and the Applaud teams’ blogs too.”

If you’d like to talk to the LACE Partners team about advisory services relating to getting your digital employee experience right then reach out to LACE Partners here.

If you’d like to talk to Applaud about their product suite then you can contact us here.


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Published July 16, 2021 / by Applaud