A cost-effective way to transform people services for frontline workers

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Nicola Regan Brad Garland
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Date7 November 2023
Time11am EST/4pm GMT
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In today's ever-evolving work landscape, businesses are in constant pursuit of strategies that boost their bottom line. Now, there's an opportunity to do just that by focusing on a critical but often overlooked area of the business - your frontline workers.

Frontline employees are the backbone of many industries, yet they often don't have access to the same HR services as office-based workers. Basic tasks such as checking time off, accessing payslips, and locating policies and knowledge often burden line managers and HR teams. This not only results in lost efficiency, increased attrition rates and extra workload for everyone involved, but also affects your business's financial health.

Key takeaways: 

  • How to cut costs by streamlining your people services and eliminating paper-based processes 
  • How equipping your frontline workers with the right technology can boost productivity, enhance efficiency and reduce attrition rates 
  • Explore the direct impact of improved EX on your business's profitability and ability to save money

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Why workplace technology is critical to EX


2-4 hours

Employees and managers lose 2-4 hours per week to HR tasks.


89% of organizations report significant inconsistencies between remote and office based employees.


HR service desks can repurpose up to 50% of their time doing more value-add activity.



This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Applaud will help HR leaders understand the current state of the HR technology landscape and its impact on employee experience. Download the report here >