Digital Employee Experience Audit - Where do you rank?

How does your Digital Employee Experience compare to industry standards?

The pandemic catapulted our working lives into chaos, forcing businesses to become fully remote in a short space of time. Ill-prepared, many companies implemented siloed technology that worked as a temporary fix for specific issues. But the cracks are starting to show in this disconnected approach as employee frustration rises.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we find ourselves in yet another period of change coined the hybrid-working era. This period brings with it a whole host of new challenges for HR, with the most pertinent being around offering a consistent digital employee experience for a disparate workforce.


How has your digital employee experience faired up? Take our short audit to find out and receive a personalized recommendation report that includes tips and quick wins to help you make simple but impactful changes.


To give you a taster, we’ve put together a bite-sized version of some of the recommendations you can expect when completing the audit for yourself.



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Published May 3, 2022 / by Ivan Harding