Life after Oracle: What does Applaud Cloud mean for me?

San Francisco, October 2011

Oracle release their new range of Cloud based applications, originally named Fusion. Around the same time, Applaud released our first mobile apps for Oracle E-Business Suite, launching on iPhone, iPad and…Blackberry (remember those? Incredibly, Blackberry was still the UK’s number 1 mobile browser in 2011).

Since those humble first apps, we’ve come a long way. We are proud to have our Oracle-based solutions being used by employees and managers in a host of organizations across the globe.

But the time has come for us to branch out. The HR Technology landscape has changed radically in the last 10 years. HR leaders have scooped up best in class Cloud products to support their core HR system of choice. New solutions have emerged for talent, recruitment, time, benefits, learning and more - the average enterprise now has 11 different HR systems in use. 

The #1 requirement I hear from our customers today: to use Applaud across your entire HR Technology portfolio, not just your Oracle applications. 

London, April 2020

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest solution, Applaud Cloud. For the last three years, we’ve been working on a new solution that brings the same consumer grade, mobile first Applaud experience to all major HR systems, from older on premise systems like PeopleSoft, SAP and Oracle E-Business to the most modern SaaS solutions like Oracle Cloud HCM, Workday or SuccessFactors.

Applaud Cloud Blog Template

Applaud Cloud

Applaud Cloud has been built from the ground up to make the most of the latest innovations in Cloud technology. Based on an AWS tech stack, our new platform is faster, more secure, easier to deploy and able to integrate to any HR application. 

We haven’t just been focused on an exercise in rebuilding our existing solution in a new tech stack, though. We’ve been digging deep into how to maximize the value our solutions bring to your business. Applaud is no longer just about mobile apps and user experience (although we’re still great at both!), we’re doubling our efforts to surround ‘form filling’ with knowledge articles, news, personalized help and frictionless access to HR support. 

Applaud Cloud complements rather than replaces your existing deployment of Applaud on Oracle. To learn about the top 5 new features you need to know about, read our accompanying blog here. We are also hosting a series of sessions for our current customers to help you understand how Applaud Cloud can work alongside Applaud for Oracle. 

We’re incredibly excited at the release of our new platform which heralds a new phase of Applaud’s journey. Thank you for being a loyal customer; we look forward to Applaud continuing to help you maximize the experience your employees have with your HR solutions!


Published April 28, 2020 / by Ivan Harding