Enhancing HR Knowledge Content with Generative AI in EX Platforms


In the dynamic landscape of Human Resources (HR), the effective communication of knowledge plays a crucial role in supporting employees, enabling smooth operations, and fostering a positive work environment.


To streamline this process, businesses are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies such as generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).


In this blog, we will explore how generative AI can support writing HR knowledge content, including knowledge articles, frequently-asked questions, and news, within Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs) like Applaud.


Let's delve into the practical guidance and benefits of leveraging generative AI to enhance HR knowledge content.


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Automating Content Creation

Generative AI empowers HR professionals and business leaders by automating the creation of HR knowledge content.


By leveraging machine learning algorithms, generative AI systems can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and generate relevant content.


This capability eliminates the time-consuming manual process of crafting articles, FAQs, and news items, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.



Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy

Maintaining consistency and accuracy across HR knowledge content is paramount to ensuring a seamless employee experience.


Generative AI can help HR professionals achieve this goal by providing a standardized framework for content creation. By incorporating predefined guidelines, tone of voice, and terminology into the generative AI models, businesses can ensure that the generated content aligns with their brand identity, values, and industry standards.


Applaud, for example, provides generative templates to help drive consistency for news items such as Employee Spotlights, Internal Events and Success Stories.


Tailoring Content to Employee Needs

Personalization is key to delivering relevant and engaging HR knowledge content to employees. Generative AI can assist HR teams in tailoring content based on employees' specific needs, roles, location, and preferences.


By leveraging employee data and feedback, generative AI algorithms can generate customized knowledge articles and FAQs that address common concerns and provide relevant information.


This personalized approach helps employees find the answers they need quickly, enhancing their overall experience.


50% of firms offered no personalization for internal communications during the pandemic. Read more employee experience statistics for 2023 here.



Accelerating Content Updates

In a fast-paced business environment, HR policies, procedures, and regulations frequently evolve. Keeping HR knowledge content up to date can be a challenge.


AI Screenshot


Generative AI can expedite the process of updating content by automating the identification of outdated information and generating new content based on the latest updates. This ensures that employees have access to the most current and accurate information, reducing confusion and minimizing potential risks.


Improving Searchability and Accessibility

Generative AI can enhance the searchability and accessibility of HR knowledge content within EXPs. By leveraging natural language processing and semantic understanding, generative AI algorithms can optimize content structure, metadata, and tagging.




This enables employees to find relevant information more efficiently, enhancing their overall experience and reducing the burden on HR teams to manually categorize and organize content.




Generative AI presents a powerful opportunity for HR professionals and business leaders to optimize the creation, delivery, and management of HR knowledge content within Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs).


By automating content creation, ensuring consistency and accuracy, tailoring content to employee needs, accelerating content updates, and improving searchability and accessibility, generative AI empowers HR teams to provide comprehensive and personalized support to employees.


As you explore the implementation of generative AI in your HR processes, consider partnering with reputable EXP providers like Applaud to leverage the benefits of this transformative technology.


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Published June 8, 2023 / by Duncan Casemore