Global HR

Your Global HR System, Just Better

Applaud brings world-class HR service delivery capabilities to your existing global HR systems. Unlock your core system’s true potential whilst delivering consumer-grade technology that will enhance your employees’ day-to-day experience.

Complete your Global HR system with best-in-class service delivery


of employees say they would save more than 2 hours a week if their HR systems offered a better experience and improved functionality


of employees cite outdated HR technology as a leading frustration in the workplace.


the average profit per employee gained by organizations with improved employee engagement by 10%

Global HR systems offer an integrated solution that can cover all of your core HR functions. However, don’t expect your core HR systems to offer HR service delivery capabilities. To deploy first-class employee and manager service experiences, you need specialist HR delivery software, which isn’t something you’ll get from your core HRIS.

Why Applaud is the right choice for your Global system



Integrates with any HR system you want to use

Whether you’re thinking of changing to an all bells and whistles Global system, or you’re already using one, Applaud will integrate with your system seamlessly.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Applaud makes everyday tasks easier, enhancing employee experiences and boosting productivity. Our aim is to make previously frustrating or mundane tasks simple, quick and easy.

Plug the functionality gaps in your Global HR system

By integrating with your global HRIS systems, Applaud brings best-in-class service delivery features to your existing technology landscape. See a full list of service delivery features. 

Increase employee engagement across all your core HR systems

Mobile HR Service Delivery

Mobilize your workforce and deliver a truly flexible working environment with Applaud’s mobile HR app. Designed from the ground up to be mobile-first both in design and functionality to deliver the best possible experience, anywhere on the planet. See how you could take your HR service delivery mobile. 

Employee & Manager Self Service Portals

Deliver a truly self-service experience for both employees and managers with Applaud’s HR platform. Empower your workforce with access to knowledge bases whilst reducing requests to your HR team. Find out more about Self-Service HR from Applaud. 

24/7 Digital Assistants

Create an agile and scalable helpdesk with our 24/7 Digital Assistants – HR Chatbots that can provide answers to 80% of queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discover how Applaud’s Chatbots could revolutionize your HR service delivery.

Global Directories

Implement global directories with integrated tools including simple name search or powerful faceted search to find talent, rich employee profiles with social features, all connected to multiple back-end core HR systems of record.

Discover more about how Applaud could enhance your Global HR system

Enable your employees and managers with 24/7 access to knowledge bases, self-service portals and an interface that makes them more efficient in their roles. Deliver an enhanced user experience that delivers a frictionless working environment and improved productivity from your team.

Find out more about how you could enhance your Global HR system with Applaud, today.