Revolutionize your HRIS

Revolutionize your HRIS

The Applaud HR platform is designed to integrate with your existing HRIS and provide a consumer-grade experience through best-in-class HR Service Delivery.

Applaud can help you harness the full potential of your existing systems with an enhanced user interface that provides a multi-platform, cross-device experience for your managers and employees

Not an HR Management System, but a whole new way of thinking


The percentage of employees who describe the HR systems they use within their workplace as needing improvement, and 21% describe them as OUTDATED.


The number of US workers that say they are engaged as an employee.


The average time an employee wastes in a year as a result of outdated technology.

Whether you’re using a suite of best-in-class systems, or one Global HR solution, Applaud provides an improved experience for employees and managers alike. This revolutionary approach means less disruption to your business whilst core systems and databases remain untouched during implementation.

See how the Applaud platform could integrate with your existing systems.

Why User Experience matters when it comes to HR



Mobilize your workforce

Applaud brings a truly mobile experience to your existing HRIS systems with mobile-first design and functionality. Empower your workforce and put a wealth of information and access right at their fingertips.

Talent Retention

The jobs market is more fluid than ever, with platforms including LinkedIn making it easier for employees to change jobs. Which is why it’s so important to hold on to the best talent. With an improved employee experience comes reduced employee churn rate.

More engaged, productive employees

Employees who perceive to have been granted greater access and the ability to self-serve have been shown to be more engaged with the core business. Take a look at our ROI Calculator to see the impact of adopting Applaud.

What could the Applaud HR Platform do for your HRIS?

A.I. driven HR help desk

Give employees 24/7 support and reduce the internal requests with our Digital Assistants. As standard, our chatbots can understand natural language requests and can resolve up to 80% of employee queries. Find out more about our Digital Assistants.

Consumer grade technology in the workplace

Bring together features that employees have come to expect at home to the workplace, including mobile-first design, single sign-in and global search. See how Applaud is reshaping mobile in the workplace.

User-friendly interface

Remove the frustration from using disparate systems with poorly thought out interfaces with Applaud’s HR platform. Our interface is clean, modern and intuitive, making everyday tasks easier and reducing the need for technical support to complete simple tasks. Customize your interface with corporate branding and a consistent feel across all of your systems.

An HR platform built unashamedly around employees

Whilst Applaud boosts productivity and reduces wasted time, our focus is, and always has been on creating a truly great employee experience. From decades of experience we realised that this, above all else, is the key to a successful business.

Unify all of your HR systems into one platform

To deliver first-class employee and manager services, you need specialist HR service delivery software, which isn’t something you’ll get from any core HRIS. There’s no need to compromise, keep the best features of your existing HR systems with the added benefits of Applaud’s HR platform. Deliver a best-in-class employee experience without changing your HRIS systems and with minimal disruption to your business.

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