Empower your Employees through Self-Service HR

Empower your Employees through Self-Service HR

Empower your employees with Applaud’s self-service HR platform. Provide your teams with centralized knowledge hubs, access to important documents and calendars from anywhere in the world as, and when, they need it.

Why do you need to offer Self-Service HR?


of HR heads are spending more time on business issues not related to HR or talent. (CEB HR Trends report).


of employees would NOT describe the company they work for as employee-centric


of HR professionals think their workplace IS employee-centric

Self-service HR gives your team access to your full suite of HR services including payroll, leave and absence, and knowledge bases. Reduce the number of incoming requests to your help desk and provide answers quicker when and where your employees need them.

The benefits of employee self service



Universal access to knowledge

Provide employees with a wealth of knowledge surrounding internal processes, documentation and HR policies.

Reduce unnecessary requests to your HR teams

Reduce the need for HR agents to answer queries where employees could easily find the answer for themselves. Use our 24/7 Digital Assistants to provide front-line help desk support.

Manager Self-Service

Deliver best-in-class onboarding and offboarding experiences for your teams as well as Transitions including manager changes and promotions.

What will an employee self-service portal bring to your business?

Single login on any device

The Applaud platform offers a single login functionality providing a secure and simple solution for your employees. Whether they work at a desk or not, Applaud puts the power of self-service right at their fingertips from their mobile device. Discover more about Mobile Service Delivery.

Employee personal data

Encourage employees to take control of their own personal data through a self-service portal, including addresses, emergency contacts, access to pay checks reference letters and more. Make it simple and quick for your employees to update and access their personal data without compromising data privacy.

Access to leave and absence calendars

Take the pain out of booking leave and recording absence; grant employees and managers access to self-serve. Develop relationships built on mutual trust and respect by empowering your employees and removing the need for a middleman.

24/7 Access from anywhere on the globe

Empower your employees by giving them 24/7 access to HR services. Find out more about out HR Chatbots, which can connect to your existing systems to provide contextual answers irrespective of the employee’s country, role or function.

See how Self-Service could turbo charge your HR

Self-service HR will not only save your HR teams valuable time processing easily resolvable requests, but it will empower your workforce by making them self-reliant. By removing the frustrations of wait times and barriers to information your employees will become more engaged with the business.

Want to see how Applaud’s HR platform can help you unlock the power of Self-Service HR for your business?