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Five ways to convince your CHRO to adopt Applaud

Convincing stakeholders to invest in new technology can be a difficult hurdle to jump.

It’s even harder when your key stakeholders are dealing with budget requests from other teams in multiple geographical locations. These teams will be doing just the same as you; upgrading their technology to boost their own productivity. So how do you ensure that your team’s system gets the green light for an upgrade?

In a previous article, we talked about how getting C-Level buy-in is key to developing and maintaining an effective service delivery strategy. Depending on the organizational structure of the business, you might need to convince the CEO, CIO, CTO or CHRO, as well as any other key executives, that stakeholder buy-in is a necessity for the business to move forward.

Here’s our top 5 ways to build a business case and convince your CHRO that Applaud is the right choice for your business.

1. Applaud is a technology enabler

Applaud enables your organization to streamline internal processes and workflows from onboarding to offboarding. The AI-driven help desks reduce calls to HR and provide employees with a better experience and access to knowledge centers.

Our platform gives employees a user-friendly experience with key features like self-service portals, 24/7 digital assistants and mobile access with SSO. At the same time, Applaud removes any kind of geographical barriers between teams and individual team members to allow for bespoke, customized applications.

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2. Applaud is a code-free platform

Too often, integrating a new platform means an overhaul of existing processes, ripping out core systems and extensive redevelopment. Applaud is a code-free platform that works across your existing processes, systems and workflows to provide a simplified interface and enhanced experience for your employees.

This enables your teams to produce new internal documents and content whilst working within our visual editor to provide new applications and integrations without the added cost and time constraints of using developers.

This allows you to remain agile and deliver consumer-grade innovations on an ongoing basis.

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3. Save time and money

This is arguably the most crucial step in convincing your stakeholders that this will financially benefit the organization. Whilst they may not fully understand the mechanics of the platform itself, they will understand how much time and money can be saved that can help scale the business.

Applaud’s main focus is to give employees and managers solutions to time-consuming HR interactions. With the ability for employees to be able to access information 24/7, enabled by features like self-service portals, mobile-first design and SSO, employees get a productivity boost though faster, simpler access from anywhere and in the moment they need it.

Employee churn rate can have a devastating effect on a business. Higher churn rates, mean more resources are spent on recruitment, hiring and training. As a result, instant profit from any new hires is not a guarantee and could take you up to a year or more to break even before any return on investment.

Applaud reduces the time and costs spent by helping to improve the employee lifecycle to aid in employee retention.

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4. Create an enhanced Employee Experience

Applaud is unashamedly a platform built for employees to enhance their employee experience. The platform empowers employees, enables better employee experience and improves productivity.

The way Applaud approaches this, is through Self Service HR which allows the employee to have access to centralized knowledge hubs, content, important documents and more - regardless of where they are located. This helps boost their value to the business and makes them feel like an integral part of their team no matter where they are.

Help Desks driven by powerful search functionality allow employees to efficiently find the information they need across all of your core HR systems. Help desks also find out if the user’s question needs to have a case raised with a member of the HR team or can be answered through FAQs or through the platform itself.

Digital assistants are available 24/7 for any other information they require from the company. The chatbots use natural language AI to further improve the employee’s experience on the platform.

5. Applaud allows your business to stay agile

Whether an organization is going through a merger, rapid growth or a period of digital transformation your HR Service Delivery should enable your company to remain agile.

Too many businesses are being held back by outdated, disparate systems that inhibit data driven workforce decisions and reduce talent retention.

Applaud tackles all of these issues by focusing on what the employee needs to stay engaged with the business; user friendly technology with the ability for employees to customize the content they receive every day is at the forefront of this.

Building a business case for the Applaud HR Platform

Applaud saves time and money throughout the organization by enhancing the employee experience and enabling, empowering and bringing teams together. Applaud is a critical enabler for broader employee experience programs, which lead to happier employees, lower churn and increased revenue.

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Published March 23, 2020 / by Applaud